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Rozen Maiden

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Rozen Maiden

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Rozen Maiden (ローゼンメイデン, Rōzen Meiden?) is a manga series created by the manga author duo, Peach-Pit. The story centers on Sakurada Jun, a young hikikomori boy that finds himself indebted to a living doll by the name of Shinku, a doll of the Rozen Maiden series, who was created by a mysterious but extremely talented dollmaker. The series examines the living habits and personality of each doll that is living with Jun and his sister Nori, as well as the sibling rivalry that they commence to name one doll as "Alice" in order to meet the maker who created them. Jun's sometimes comedic, sometimes dramatic experiences with Shinku—as well as the other six dolls of the Rozen Maiden series—slowly bring him out of his depression and back into the world that he had abandoned. Rozen Maiden has been serialized in two different magazines, with the original series running in Monthly Comic Birz from 2002 to 2007, at 43 chapters long. The second series, currently at 24 chapters long, has been running in Weekly Young Jump since April 2008.

The manga's first series was released in English by Tokyopop from 2006 to 2008, in 8 volumes. The manga has been also released in various other countries as well.


The "Rozen Maidens" are a collection of dolls created by a craftsman named Rozen, whom the dolls refer to as "Father". Their primary source of power is a human host (referred to as a "medium") who wears a ring to symbolize his bond with the doll, although certain dolls have been shown to act without a medium. According to Shinku, she can only be at full power when her medium is present. Each Rozen Maiden has her own distinct personality and guardian spirit


The first season of Rozen Maiden focuses primarily on the psychological rehabilitation of Jun Sakurada. He is a hikikomori, and spends most of his time locked in the safety of his room and ordering items from the internet. However, through a strange order form, he finds himself in possession of an enchanted doll that calls herself "Shinku, the fifth Rozen Maiden doll". Much to Jun's displeasure, Shinku calls on him to create a strange bond with her, and the socially disinclined boy winds up being her "servant". The series follows the two of them as they encounter more Rozen Maidens, dolls that for the most part seem to want nothing more than to drink tea, destroy windows, and draw on his floor with crayons. In this season, five dolls are introduced: Shinku, Hinaichigo, Suigintou, Suiseiseki, and Souseiseki. Suigintou is the primary villain.

Rozen Maiden's first season consists of twelve episodes that began airing on October 7, 2004 and ended on December 23, 2004.
Rozen Maiden: Träumend

The second season of Rozen Maiden, subtitled träumend (トロイメント, toroimento?) has a slightly darker tone. Träumend is German for "dreaming." The episodes are more plot-driven and deal with topics such as "Father" — the Rozen Maiden's creator — and the inevitable conclusion to the "Alice Game." Jun does not yet attend school (he has much work to make up before he can go back), but studies at home and at the local library. He is much more willing and eager to go outside the house, and seems to have even grown fond of the ever-present dolls. Shinku has also been changed, thanks to the events of the previous season, but she is generally as aristocratic as ever, lecturing and punishing Jun at every opportunity. Several new non-doll characters are introduced, including a riddle-spouting, tuxedo-attired anthropomorphic rabbit and two mysterious men who operate a doll shop. The final group of dolls also appear this season: Kanaria, the second doll, Barasuishou, who introduces herself as the seventh doll, and Kirakishou, the true seventh doll (though not by name).

Rozen Maiden: Träumend consists of twelve episodes that began airing on October 20, 2005 and ended on January 26, 2006. After releasing the first volume of DVDs (including the first four episodes), Geneon Entertainment canceled its North American releases in September 2007. On July 3, 2008, Geneon and Funimation Entertainment announced an agreement to distribute select titles in North America. While Geneon Entertainment retained the license, Funimation Entertainment assumed exclusive rights to the manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of select titles, including Rozen Maiden and Rozen Maiden Traumend. Volume 2 was officially released in North America on October 28, 2008, with the third volume following on December 9.
Rozen Maiden: Ouvertüre

This two-episode Rozen Maiden special was aired on December 22 and 23, 2006 on TBS in Japan. It is a brief prequel to the events of the TV series. Ouvertüre (オーベルテューレ, ōberuchiyūre?), German for "overture", is set at some point during Träumend (most likely between episodes six and seven) and answers critical questions about Suigintou's past, particularly those pertaining to the rivalry she holds with Shinku. The majority of the two-episode special is told by Souseiseki and takes place as a flashback to the nineteenth century in London. Ali Project once again lends its talents for the opening song. As with the series, Kukui sings the ending theme.

( by wikipedia)

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